5 Power Packed Ways To Generate Leads From Email Marketing

5 Power Packed Ways To Generate Leads From Email Marketing

Do Your Homework and Segment Effectively: Research your target audiences extensively, segment your groups effectively and deliver content that is incredibly specific to each group. Guiding your subscribers through the purchase process generates 4-10 times higher response rates.

Personalize Your Content and CTAs: Tailor your content based on your audience’s interests, profession or previous activity in order to yield 18 times more revenue than generic email blasts.

Integration Is Key: Support your email marketing efforts with an integrated approach. Leverage social media and content marketing alongside your other marketing channels to generate awareness and increase engagement by over 65%.

Timing Is Everything: Identify which stage of the purchasing cycle your users are in and send content specific to them regarding that moment. If you have a segment of users which are unfamiliar with your product, guide them to a source where they can gather more information. If your segment is educated and actively engaging, utilize CTAs which encourage users to sample your product. And so on…

Extract and Analyze Data: Consistently review the engagement of your emails. Learn what is successful and how you can adjust the unsuccessful portions to improve your KPIs.

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