Digital Done Right

Today’s digital age has transformed the way consumers communicate, shop and search. With access to the world at the tips of their fingers, consumers are spending an average of 3 hours of screen time every day. For brands, this means leveraging this space to better reach a target audience through multiple touchpoints.

Digital has fundamentally changed how brands and their audiences communicate, not just online, but across all channels. The key to a successful digital strategy starts with in-depth research. Understanding where your consumers are spending time online, whether it’s on new websites, browsing blogs or social media, will be the backbone of your approach and reaching those consumers. We glean insights from our research data and extract the key elements to build a robust and effective digital campaign. We establish relevant KPIs and goals of the project straight from the get-go, so we can build a dashboard that will reflect success.

Content Creation is at Our Core

Content is the foundation component to every creative project. It’s what helps consumers understand your brand story and digest it in a way that’s unique and resonating. Every piece of content we create and share—from blog posts, ebooks and whitepapers to podcasts, videos and infographics—serves a purpose. That purpose, whether it’s to boost sales, drive overnight stays or increase new account numbers, is defined long before we write the first line or set up our recording studio. It’s carved into our strategy and drives every action we take.

Email Marketing that Delivers

The longstanding effectiveness of email marketing can be attributed to its one-to-one nature. It’s a powerful tool that reaches consumers directly. That’s why our email marketing campaigns focus on segmentation and personalization wherever possible, ensuring we reach your subscribers with relevant content or promotions.

We Plan, Place and Buy Media

All our media is planned, bought and fulfilled in-house. From PPC and rich media to Display Network, programmatic and beyond, we engage a dedicated ad server to ensure maximum reach and frequency, coupled with heightened unique impressions, and served across the most relatable platform or medium.

We Produce Keyword-Rich Content

Just like any other component of digital marketing, keyword optimization is critical. It plays an aspect in every role of development, from your content strategy and link building, to how your website content is organized.

We understand that it takes more than just a “set it and forget it” mindset to master the search engine market. That’s why we test keyphrases in variation for its optimal performance–whether it be through paid search, organically or both. With this approach, we are able to increase your business’ online visibility, drive your audience to your website and help you gather real, qualified leads.

Evok operates an in-depth analysis of your SEO standing, and considers your analytics, site errors, meta elements and indexed status to pave a clearer path to better conversion. We prioritize keyword-rich copy, giving your brand the stepping stool to outsmart Google’s algorithm, and we combine it with compelling content and strategic execution, to master your brand’s digital strategy.

Our complete digital services include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web Analytics
  • Paid Search (PPC
  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Rich Digital Media

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