Evok is fully committed to fostering a work culture that demonstrates diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe that good work reflects a good environment, and simply put, our business’s success wouldn’t be where it is today without our eclectic team of evokers. That’s why we strive to create a space where each individual feels empowered and safe every day.

Evok embraces differences and never discriminates on the basis of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, race, origin, age, generation, sexual orientation, culture, religion, belief system, marital status, parental status, socioeconomic status, language, disabilities, educational background, nationality, work style, personality type, physical appearance, political perspective or any other characteristic that can be identified as recognizing or demonstrating diversity.

Our diversity initiatives are multidimensional and stretch across our practices and policies, including the recruitment and selection process, professional development and training, compensation and benefits, promotions, layoffs, transfers, terminations, and more.

While our work environment is ever-growing, one thing remains constant--our belief in treating all people with respect and dignity. Evok enforces deferential communication between all employees, subcontractors, freelancers and vendors, and cultivates a culture of collaboration regardless of variances amongst the team. Evok takes great pride in embracing the diversity that makes us who we are, and any employee who exhibits inappropriate conduct or behavior is subject to disciplinary action.

We do not tolerate any degree of discrimination in our agency, and we encourage all employees, subcontractors, freelancers and vendors who believe they have been subjected to discrimination to seek assistance from a supervisor immediately.