As restaurant marketing experts, we understand the consumer decision-making process when selecting dining options. We enable restaurants to stand out in a saturated market and lead efforts to drive sales for both first-time and repeat guests, ultimately positively impacting comp sales growth, customer loyalty and increasing share of stomach.

We achieve this through our in-depth knowledge of today’s consumer mindset and the ever-changing world of foodservice industry trends, coupled with our “Trial to Ambassador” guest modeling, pairing strategic execution and the flexibility to adapt with the evolution of consumer tastes. This allows our team to implement multi-channel marketing programs to generate restaurant traffic through behavioral, daypart and geographic targeting, improving overall store performance and measurable marketing ROI.


Our experience allows our team to implement multi-channel marketing strategies based on the highest-value audiences and avenues to generate restaurant traffic. We employ behavioral, daypart and geographic targeting on digital marketing campaigns to mobilize potential customers. Managing everything from content marketing and localized SEO, to email and social media marketing, we focus on improving overall store performance and delivering measurable marketing ROI.
Ultimately, as a Results-Driven full-service advertising agency focused on both Creativity and Innovation, we have a true Passion for our restaurant clients’ success. Our personalized approach emphasizes collaborative partnerships with our clients and across-the-board integration, with a core focus on bottom-line results.

Our key areas of focus include:
  • Comp Sales
  • Store Traffic
  • First-time and Repeat Guests
  • Guest LTV
  • Customer Loyalty/Retention Rate
  • Website Visitation/Engagement
  • Return on Investment (ROI) of Marketing Spend
  • Sales Volume per Location
  • LTO Trial
  • RevPASH (revenue per available seat per hour)
  • Guest Check Average
  • Share of Stomach
  • Off-Premise Sales
  • Menu QR Code Scans
  • Online/Mobile Order Profitability

Our team recently published our key findings on the future of the foodservice industry in 2023, including how the foodservice industry continues to battle pandemic-related challenges that compromise its recovery, but consumers’ enthusiasm for dining out more in 2023 is a promising sign for full-service restaurants. Evok estimates that full-service restaurants will recover to pre-pandemic sales by 2023, fueled, in part, by the explosive growth of takeout and delivery, hampered by labor and supply shortages and inflation. We want to share these insights with you.

Schedule a 30-minute virtual meeting with Larry Meador, our CEO and Chief Strategist, to go over these findings and how to implement this information to overcome your restaurant’s marketing and growth challenges.


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