Because we are healthcare marketing experts, we understand the patient care journey, as well as the importance of not only raising awareness and confidence of your organization, but also retaining loyalty of existing patients and their families. We drive marketing qualified patient leads (MQL) focusing on high-value service lines, converting leads to new patients (SQL), optimizing hospital service utilization and increasing top-line revenue.

We achieve this by understanding the patient mindset and the level of competition in the healthcare industry as evident in our case studies and our published quarterly report on marketing trends impacting the highly specialized, and often confusing-to-the-consumer, industry. By heightening awareness of high-value service lines and encouraging patient trial and adoption, we convert prospective patients into “provider of choice” mindest consumers.


We understand the patient care journey. Raising awareness of and confidence in your organization is just as important as retaining the loyalty of existing patients and their families. In the age of telemedicine and access to medical information online, potential patients have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a provider. To earn new patient trust while keeping existing patients engaged, healthcare organizations must stand out from the sea of competitors. That’s where our agency comes in.
Ultimately, as a Results-Driven full-service advertising agency focused on both Creativity and Innovation, we have a true Passion for our clients’ success. Our personalized approach emphasizes collaborative partnerships with our clients and across-the-board integration, with a core focus on bottom-line results.

Our key areas of focus include:
  • Patient acquisition cost
  • Patient lifetime value
  • Ratio of patient lifetime value to acquisition cost
  • MQL to SQL ratio
  • New patient count
  • Patient loyalty/retention and satisfaction
  • Patient lead source attribution modeling and positively impact ROI
  • ROI on marketing spend and new service rollouts
  • High value service line growth
  • Prospective patient and caregiver website visitation
  • Screenings/assessments (inquiries for preventative care)
  • New patient conversion rates (rate of conversion of website visitors to new patients)
  • Incoming inquiries from prospective patients
  • Online patient reviews (and response time)
  • Local hospital/clinic SEO ranking

Our team recently published our key findings on "The Changing Face of Healthcare," and how, in an age where consumers have an overabundance of health information and data at their fingertips, only 23% of consumers view the healthcare system as very trustworthy. While the COVID-19 pandemic carved out new opportunities to connect healthcare providers with their patients, there are signs that consumers are increasingly fatigued with these outlets and are looking for expertise elsewhere, including social media platforms. We want to share these insights with you.

Schedule a 30-minute virtual meeting with Larry Meador, our CEO and Chief Strategist, to go over these findings and how to implement this information to overcome your healthcare marketing and growth challenges.


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