We Invigorate Your Brand Through Creative

The greatest brands tell complete stories. These brands put action before talk—they don’t say what makes them unique, they show it. These brands position themselves with authenticity at the front line. And at the center of it all is creativity that matches strategy with heart.

With creativity being at the core of everything we do at our agency, we keep these core values in mind when crafting new ideas. Our creative process cultivates a brand’s story and transforms it into living, breathing campaigns that aim to innovate, engage and convert.

A Truly Full-Service Creative Agency

From the initial concept, design and copy, to the final touches on packaging designs, print pieces and campaign development, our creative process starts and ends in-house. Our team works through each stage of creative development from the ground up and is structured to provide innovative ideas and design while keeping our quality control system intact.

Creative campaigns have the power to change a business’ trajectory and catapult a brand into the spotlight, but it’s what happens behind the scenes that makes that possible. We design our clients’ campaigns to both withstand the test of time and deliver results that move the needle in the here and now.

Inspiration Backed By Your Vision

When we partner with a brand, our goals and successes become one. Although our experience and expertise allow us to take the lead on creative projects, our clients play a strong supporting role through every step of the process.

As your marketing partner, we help identify opportunities for brand growth, implement brand experiences that spark emotional connections through your creativity that will ultimately strengthen the relationship between you and your consumers.

The work we do for our clients does more than stand out—it stands above.

Our highly integrated team conceives and polishes innovative concepts into communications that reach their intended audiences in ways that are highly personal and relevant. Our creative ideas deliver visceral experiences, bridging the gap between audience and message.

Evok’s full suite of creative services includes:

  • Copywriting
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Marketing (marketing brochures, collateral)
  • Production Design Services
  • Experiential Marketing (outdoor marketing and street teams)
  • Campaign Development
  • Brand Development (logo, identity, brand style guide, enculturation)
  • Photography
  • Videography (video content)
  • Broadcast (TV and web commercials, radio)
  • Out of Home
  • Augmented Reality (interactive print)

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