Brand Building for Consumer Electronics: Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing Is a Game Changer

When creating your digital marketing strategy, content marketing is something you shouldn’t forget to add to the mix. Today, consumer electronics have become digital, smart and cloud-based.

Content marketing is one of the tried-and-true digital marketing tactics out there, but how can we apply it specifically in the consumer electronics industry? Let’s take a look at why content marketing is a game changer for consumer electronics and how to apply it to your company.

Content Matters

In the consumer electronics industry, content has always reigned supreme. If you don’t know why, it’s because:

  • Content builds thought leadership.Those brands that are recognized as thought leaders put a lot of effort into marketing themselves as industry leaders. Content marketing for consumer electronics helps you build thought leadership and convert readers into buying customers.
  • People read/watch before they buy. When we want to buy a new piece of tech, we often go online to check out a few tutorials and read reviews. Not until then do we make a purchase decision. Without quality content, your readers will likely go elsewhere.
  • Quality content differentiates. Everyone is offering similar products in the consumer electronics marketplace. So who will the consumers choose to shop from? The choice either comes down to differentiation or convenience. Top content can always set you apart from your competitors.

It Allows Consumers to Make Informed Purchases

Before they make a purchase decision, consumers want to be informed so they can make the right one. They go online and start gathering facts, comparing product models, and reading reviews from their peers.

Having a strategic content marketing plan is the only way to control that flow of information effectively. High-quality content ranks great in search engines and pleases consumer demand for relevant information about the products they’re interested in buying. Provide the right info and you’ll be on their radar.

Mistakes to Avoid in Consumer Electronics Content Marketing

  • Not using review filters. As the majority of online shoppers consult reviews before making a purchase, this tells us that reviews play a crucial role in the buying process. Make sure to add a review filter to your product page and guide the consumer through the range of your product options.
  • Not using user-generated content (UGC). If you don’t believe in this concept, better take a look at how GoPro uses UGC to transform advertising. It has a great ability to captivate audiences by boosting their sentiment. Consumer electronics brands underuse the power of UGC.
  • Not making videos and blogs shoppable. Let users shop directly or link to product pages from your on-site blog. This is also true for brand videos. Both blogs and videos can often produce significant traffic, so not making them shoppable is a missed opportunity.

It happens that brands make common mistakes. Fortunately, they can be prevented, avoided or corrected before they negatively affect your brand’s bottom line.

It’s definitely not easy to come up with quality and relevant content continually. But it’s also definitely worth the effort. Generate it yourself or hire a professional advertising agency to make content that speaks for your consumer electronics brand. It will surely put your name on your consumer’s radar.