Cutting-Edge Collateral

Just as you bring to market exciting new products that inspire customers to buy, remember the importance of also providing them with exciting new collateral to generate enthusiasm while conveying the vital information about product features and specs. Because every corporate pocket folder package, brochure, handout and sell sheet represents a significant investment, make sure you achieve maximum success with effective collateral materials.

The days when a brochure of product photos and bullet points was enough to generate customer interest are long gone in today’s fiercely competitive market. Collateral must now be consistent with your product and corporate image while extending the brand identity. The best collateral is a well thought-through element of a total integrated marketing program. Each piece should reinforce your branding/ advertising campaign by carrying through its distinctive theme, graphical style and colors. In this way, your collateral carries through the energy of your print ads and packaging.

As with every other aspect of your business, it helps to be flexible. On-demand printing allows you to quickly update your printed materials as product lines change. Variable printing lets you tailor collateral for each customer, from direct mailings to personalized marketing. Collateral can also be posted on the Dealers Only section of your website, able to be downloaded as a PDF and printed out from a desktop printer on an “as needed” basis.

Burning print collateral to a CD or DVD expands distribution possibilities by eliminating the bulk of paper. Because digital media can accommodate significantly more information than a single print piece, the disc itself can become a valuable presentation instrument for your company, providing recipients with corporate history, highlights and interactive features (music on CD; music and video on DVD) in addition to product information. Take the opportunity to include the articles, advertorial features and new product profiles that have run in magazines for a pumped-up “wow” factor that showcases your position in the industry.