Digital Channels That Generate The Highest Mobile Conversions

The following outlines a usability study that discovered which digital sources yielded the most mobile users to add a product to a mobile site’s shopping cart:

62% converted based on an email they received.

21% converted from a direct referral site link.

12% converted after directly visiting the mobile site.

5% converted as a result of a search.

0.01% converted from a display ad.

Key Insight: Not just any email will generate a 62% conversion rate for your business. A strategic, well thought out, niche, personalized email is what you should be building toward. And don’t forget to ensure it’s very mobile-friendly and links to a complimentary landing page on your equally mobile-friendly site. With these key points top of mind, you will be that much closer to reaching your conversion rate goals. Please browse more of our Email Marketing Tips here:

Source: and SeeWhy Conversion Academy


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