How to Ensure a Strong and Lasting Positive Brand Reputation

Take a minute to think of the top five most valuable brands according to – Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Google. Although you may not realize it, you associated a specific thought (whether it was negative or positive) with each of these brands. These conclusions and brand identities that become second nature to us are exactly what companies aim to solidify when marketing their brands to consumers like you.

Companies spend copious amounts of time, money, and resources to ensure their brand has a positive status in the minds of consumers. In the digital age we’ve entered, the brand story that consumers find online holds ever-increasing importance. The question is, what gives value to a brand? Some believe it’s simply the ability to sell goods and services at a maximum price. We, however, disagree. We believe there are numerous components that make up the value of a brand. It isn’t necessarily about the product or service provided, but about the emotions and thoughts evoked in the consumer’s mind. Keeping these points in mind, here are some important aspects to remember when communicating your brand’s unique value and building a strong and lasting positive brand reputation.

Never Stop Nurturing Your Brand Image
The pitfall of previously successful companies is that once they reach the peak of success, they believe that the brand name alone will sustain their image. Unfortunately, this has caused brands to experience downturn, and in some cases, eventually collapse. To avoid the same demise, never stop nurturing your brand’s image. One example of a positive way to nurture your brand’s image is to tap into social media. Consumers enjoy being part of their favorite brands, and by building a strong social media presence and relationship with your brand ambassadors you are creating a community that will help nurture your brand image and story on your behalf. However, despite the work you put in building a strong community both online and off, no company is completely immune to a crisis. Past examples show, however, that companies with strong brand presences are more likely to survive the crisis and rebuild their image in the consumer market.

Tap Into Consumers’ Imagination
As previously stated, successful brands evoke certain thoughts and emotions that come to be associated with the brand name. You may ask, “How can I successfully evoke strong, positive feelings about my brand?” A great way is to tap into a consumer’s imagination and their fantasies. A prime example is sports car marketing. When you see advertisements for high-end sports cars, you may see luxurious commercials focused on making consumers feel as if they can live the fantasy life portrayed on screen if they just buy the advertised car. If you want to set your brand apart from the competition in the minds of consumers, focus on offering a unique blend of memories, fantasies, and imagination to make the user aspire to own your product or utilize your service. The mindset of brand loyalty isn’t solely focused on the quality of the product or service, but on how they feel about being part of your brand, and what playing a part in your brand story says about their own life.

Stand By Brand Promises
Establishing trust is a key component of any successful brand. Not only does a successful brand nurture their image and tap into the desires of consumers, but they also deliver on their promises made to consumers. An additional note is that strong brand promises don’t necessarily have to relate back to the product. A strong brand promise can be a statement that companies promise to be or deliver on for their customers. In order to ensure your consumers feel the brand promises are being upheld, make it a regular practice to monitor review sites and social media platforms to see what consumers are saying about you. This is where you’re most likely to see honest feedback, thoughts and discussion. Do they feel you’re maintaining the brand image or pillars you stand for?

How to Ensure a Strong and Lasting Positive Brand Reputation

What matters most to people isn’t the features or performance of a product or service, but their emotional and cultural connection to what the product means to them. People don’t just buy products and services; they buy your brand and the image it portrays.