Gen Z, You’re up Next for the College Experience

Make Way for Generation Z

Millennials, kindly step aside.

We hear all this babble and jabber about who millennials are and how to market to them. But the next generation, Gen Z, has entered the playing field, and we need to know how to capture their attention.

Some of these Gen Zers are already hitting the books in college full time, but for those who are gearing up to apply, it’s time to the start marketing the college experience to them—the right way.

Who is Gen Z?

So, who exactly are these Gen Z guys? They’re the generation that immediately follows millennials, also known as Gen Y. They were born between 1998 and 2016, so the oldest member is a mere 19 years old.

This is the first generation who has truly grown up with technology at their fingertips and a phone in their hand. Because of this, they’re using social media to help them make informed decisions on when and where to get a degree.

But, of course, you have to disseminate your message through the right channel. For this generation, Snapchat, and especially Facebook, are two important channels to keep an eye on. Sixty-seven percent hailed Facebook as their most-used channel while 51% pointed to Snapchat.

Marketing a College Education to Gen Z

We’ve learned who Gen Z is and where to market to them, but the next step is how to market to them. Let’s get straight to it. Here are a few insights and tricks of the trade to get Gen Z to enroll at your university:

·       Watching their parents suffer through financial hardships and an economic downturn, Gen Z is worried about the cost of a degree. Through social media marketing, you have to show them a degree is worth it.

·       Like previously said, this is a tech-heavy generation. They want to see how technology, like Moodle or Blackboard, is weaved into their curriculum.

·       They also want to know about off-campus life. Through a blog or social media posts, showcase nearby restaurants and bars or volunteer opportunities.

·       Lastly, they want to feel important. If you make them feel wanted, they’ll want to make your university their alma mater. After they take a tour of your campus or apply online, send them a direct message on Facebook or follow them on Snapchat to show your human side.

Try to set aside all the chatter and hype about millennials and shift your focus toward the new generation, Generation Z to sell your college experience.