Getting Great Drone Footage That Doesn’t Irk the FAA

Capturing the best drone footage during any event takes a good bit of skill and a whole lot of luck. Although the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) long list of regulations don’t make it any much easier, that hasn’t stopped sports brands from getting creative and capitalizing.

Even if your team doesn’t have the resources of a professional one, that shouldn’t stop you from getting the footage you want. So, here’s how you can capture extraordinary angles and out-of-this-world perspectives while still keeping the powers satisfied.

Drone Rules, Regulations and Guidelines to Consider

Once you’ve successfully passed your FAA exam and received Part 107 certification, grabbing photos and images will depend on how well you can abide by certain drone regulations and guidelines including:

• Flying at or below 400 feet.
• Keeping your UAS (unmanned aircraft system) within sight.
• Never flying over groups of people.
• Never flying over stadiums or sports events (without explicit permission).
• Never flying near emergency response efforts such as fires.
• Never flying under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Be cognizant of any restricted airspaces.
• Maintaining at least a five-mile distance from any designated commercial or government airports.
• Avoid using drones in any national parks as they have banned the use of them within their confines.

Other than the aforementioned, there’s really no limit to what you can achieve with a well-manned drone.

Follow the Pros

There are so many talented brands (and their respective drone pilots) who have revolutionized the way we look at (and above) the world. Do your research and adapt what others are doing to suit your organization’s respective needs. It also helps to be mindful that not every drone works for every type of situation or even brand. Take a nice, long look at what your company or team is doing to determine whether or not drones are even in your wheelhouse.

If they are, you can start by using an authorized drone to run simple “carpet bombing” promotions. For example, the Orlando Magic promotions team regularly drops coupons and other promo items from a custom blimp drone inside the arena. Other teams have also used this tactic, but you can also get even more interactive, depending on the capabilities of your aircraft.

Alternative sports companies have also turned the drone itself into a revenue-producing machine. Competitive drone racing has become a highly sought-after sport where skilled pilots use specialized glasses to navigate custom drones through obstacle courses.

Take Flight with the Right Tools

Getting the right drone footage not only helps to enhance your in-house file art collection, but it also gives fans a more robust and dynamic consumer experience. Knowing the rules of the sky is merely the first step in a process that can yield incredible results if done the right way.

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