3 Ways Influencer Marketing Will Transform Your Campaigns

Contrary to popular belief, influencer marketing is not new. Forbes actually dates it back to 1956, when Doublemint Gum commissioned the Doublemint Twins to “Double your pleasure, double your fun.” But with the Internet’s dominance and the rise of social media, influencer marketing has been reinvented in a way that completely changes the game. It’s also rapidly growing in popularity, as Adweek found that over 60 percent of marketers are increasing their spending in influencer marketing, and 22 percent list it as their top customer acquisition tool. So with astonishing success and wild popularity, [tweetquote]marketers are wondering, what are the concrete benefits that influencer marketing delivers?[/tweetquote] We’ve compiled three reasons to assure you it’s worth using in your next campaign.

  1. You will reach your target audience, guaranteed. The whole point of influencer marketing is to identify leaders who have a voice among your target audience, and use them to promote your product. Whether you find a blogger, a social media star or a celebrity, you can know exactly who they reach. For example, in our campaign for HTH® Pool Care we sought to target moms by selecting popular mommy bloggers to promote HTH® products. Since moms were already coming to these blogs for advice, we knew that they would be exposed to our product.
  2. Your target audience will be highly engaged. Influencers are established leaders in their niche, whether it’s baking, fantasy football or rock climbing. People go to influencers to learn how to do what they love better, so it makes sense that this form of marketing sees high engagement. One study found that 61 percent of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog, and 74 percent of them have looked to social media to inform their purchase decision. In other words, influencers carry a great amount of trust from their followers, and since 90 percent of consumers look to peer advice for their purchases, using influencers is a sound strategy that promises a high response from a captivated audience.
  3. You get to run multiple campaigns all at once. The great thing about influencers is that they’re unique – they have to be in order to keep their followers engaged and interested. They have their own personal brand to stick to. So when you reach out to them with your product and they agree to promote it, they’re going to put their own spin on it. As Snapchat star Shonduras said, “I know what works well with my brand, and I know how to do it well.” Some companies find this aspect of influencer marketing frustrating, because they have their own concept of exactly how their product should be promoted. But exerting demands on the influencer can strip them of their authenticity and inspiration. Instead, companies should embrace the individuality of influencers, because it allows their product to be promoted in way that’s relevant and compelling to their audience. Even better, when you have multiple influencers like Shonduras featuring your product on their media channels, it’s like you have multiple, unique campaigns running simultaneously, reaching your audience and engaging them.

Ultimately, influencer marketing boils down to the inherent truth that people trust people they like. Succeeding under this principle and offering the numbers to support, the question remains, how are you going to tap into the strategy that reaches your audience, promises engagement and offers the matchless authenticity of an industry leader? We’d love to hear ways that you’re already using influencer marketing, so feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us all about it.