Playground Rules in the Real World

There are many simple concepts, probably ones that you heard since you stepped foot in an educational system at the age of five, that really define basic principles in your everyday life. Oftentimes businesses overanalyze the key to a successful business relationship, but it really goes back to the playground basics we learned since day one. Keep it simple, thorough, and personal and you will find that you are a step ahead of the others trying to find that magic formula for success.


Here at evok, we’ve always been told that you can hear a smile through the phone. Even if you are not face to face with your customers, they can sense your attitude through your voice, your written words, and especially your actions. Stay positive. In customer service especially, an attitude can make or break a relationship. Being helpful, accountable, and available is essential to forging a bond with any customer, new or old.


Countless times we have witnessed people in customer service who guarantee something they cannot deliver. It’s simple; if you give your word then you need to do everything in your power to make your promise happen. If you cannot always remember what it is you are promising, find a way to keep track of it. Write it down; make note of what you need to do. If your word is broken, even just once, you allow doubt to be a part of the relationship, which is not conducive to gaining additional business.


The more you listen the more you hear. In order to be able to give your customers what they want, you have to know what they want. In order to know, you must ask and listen. If you show a genuine interest in your customers, not only will it build a stronger relationship, but also give you the ability to satisfy their needs in a greater way.


We all procrastinate; it is a part of being human. But in business, procrastination can lead some customers to believe they are not your priority. Stay on top of your game. Be one step ahead of your customer. If you know that every Wednesday they ask for a specific report, make sure it is waiting for them Tuesday night. It is amazing what a little bit of hard work will do for their appreciation of you.


Cliché, we know, but a happy customer is a loyal customer. You should never want to deliver anything less than your personal best. The quality of the product and service you are offering is paramount to the success you will have in your business relationship. Don’t get lazy. Even if you’ve had a loyal customer for ten years, they still deserve the top-notch attention and service you would offer to a potential new client. Customers are the reason you have a job to begin with. Without them, we have nothing.

These are just a few adages that we have all heard time and time again. Go back to the basics. The real world is not as complicated as everyone tries to make it. Just by using these simple five steps, you have already started to improve and enhance your business relationships.