Mastering Social Media Marketing for Tech Brands

Where to Start with Social Marketing for Tech Brands

At the helm of a technology brand, you are expected to remain at the forefront of innovation and intricately connected to the world of emerging media. However, this isn’t always the case. Although your products or services may push the boundaries of technology, mastering digital marketing requires a vastly different toolbox. Social media marketing often proves to be a particularly difficult medium to excel in while maintaining authentic brand-to-consumer connections.

Put Your Content First

Consider your favorite brands to follow on social media as a consumer. What makes their content effective? It’s not because their social team has matching ivy league degrees or they leverage the most expensive social management software—it’s because you love their content. From General Electric’s aptly named “Badass Machines” Pinterest board, to Microsoft’s Instagram acting as a gallery of their customers and their stories, you like, retweet and share their content because you feel their posts have earned it.

To master social media, your tech brand must first master content. It’s not as hard as it may sound: with some killer creatives on your team and great work and news to share, you’re on the right path to making content worth sharing. News about your newest innovations can be said with more than a press release. Videos and graphics are more quickly consumable, eye-catching and social-friendly.

Make Social a Megaphone

While there is a time and place for holiday posts and timely content relating to pop culture, nothing generates interest among your ideal customers like news about your tech brand. Think about it: only your tech brand can showcase the new and exciting things it’s doing. Own your social media pages and presence with your unique stories and updates.

Social media is also an opportunity to recognize your brand loyalists. Retweet and respond to tweets from satisfied customers, share positive Facebook reviews and broadcast user videos that feature your brand’s products or services.