Sponsorships – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Sponsorships are an easy, friendly way to expand brand awareness among the local community. And there are usually so many enticing options but proceed with caution, for not all of them are the ideal events to sponsor. To begin with, your company has a brand. And that brand, above all, has a personality that makes it unique and is the backbone to how you are perceived by consumers. Having a brand personality helps to humanize your company, which in turn influences consumers’ decisions on whether or not to allow your brand to become a part of their daily lives. Your brand’s image also helps in considering how you evoke your message onto consumers. Keeping that consistent, cohesive image is key to maintaining, and reaching or converting new consumers. The sponsorship you decide upon should match your company’s personality and values.

As an advertising agency, it is our job to keep this brand intact and in line to its true character, unless your brand is going through an identity crisis and desperately needs a whole new brand identity – but that’s a whole different story for another time. The events you sponsor should reflect who you are, what you support, your values, ideals and beliefs. Not to mention, the other sponsors alongside you in the event can also contribute to how your company is perceived in the community—good or bad.

When considering sponsoring an event (or even celebrity endorsements), remember…
Does the event:

  • Fit your brand’s overall personality?
  • Match your company’s values?
  • Have a loyal following?
  • Help expand your company’s brand awareness?
  • Target your ideal demographic? Or expand upon (reaching minority groups)?
  • Support any local charities? (Emotion is a big factor for consumers when choosing/supporting a brand)
  • Offer potential press coverage?
  • Have a fair cost?
  • Give you added value opportunities?
  • And of course, does the sponsorship fit within your advertising/marketing budget?

The beauty of advertising is that rules are almost always broken and taking calculated risks are a common part of our ever-changing world. Sometimes, a completely ‘different’ type of event that doesn’t match your identity, might just give you the edge you need to turn heads, or tap into a new demo in the community. For example, our client, a Memphis law firm recently sponsored a local motorcycle rally. A strange combination until you make the connection between motorcycle crashes and the need to hire a qualified experienced accident attorney, one who now has top of mind awareness.

Sponsorships are both an investment into your brand for exposure, but also help position your company as providing a selfless deed – a company lending a helping hand to cover costs that make these events possible – and consumers appreciate that.

Bottom line: Your brand personality is what makes you, well…you. It is what has led consumers to form a relationship and will attract new ones as well. That consistent image is what your public expects and appreciates.