Supercharging Your Tweets For Maximum Engagement

Tweets sent out on Saturdays and Sundays receive on average 17% more engagement.

Tweets under 100 characters receive on average 17% more engagement.

User engagement increases by 21% when one or two hashtags are used.

User engagement decreases by 17% when using more than two hashtags.

Tweets with hashtags receive twice as much engagement compared to tweets without, because you are extending your content beyond just your followers and into larger feeds. (74% of brands do not utilize this strategy.)

Retweets are 10x more likely when users include the “RT” call to action within their tweets and Retweets are 23x more likely when users spell out the word “Retweet” when prompting users to do so. (Only 1% of brands actively utilize this technique.)

Avoid tweeting important messages on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They have been shown to yield the lowest rates of engagement.

Tweets sent out before 8am and after 7pm see an average of 70% less engagement.

Key Insight: Use these statistics to ramp up your Twitter initiative, however it is imperative that brands monitor their specific engagement and activity to ensure the right tactics are optimally being used for their Twitter audience and business goals.

Source: Strategies for Effective Tweeting Statistical Review by Buddy Media


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