The Benefits of Utilizing a Newspaper Buying Network

Say you’ve got a client that puts out tons of newspaper ads, in tons of markets, like every time you blink they have a new ad, just ready to be sent out. As a media buyer and planner, it’s your job to figure out the best and most efficient way to make large media buys across all selected markets. With a busy, often changing schedule, how do you keep all the pricing straight, the market research on point and get copies of all the tear sheets to show to your client?

By hoping and praying? Calling every ad sales team in the nation? We think not.

If you have a client for whom you purchase multiple newspapers in multiple markets, you may want to consider utilizing a newspaper-buying network to help. There are actually several, including the Newspaper National Network, the Florida Press Service and others, like Valassis.

Some media buyers and planners choose to deal with every paper individually, and this is fine, as it is part of maintaining relationships and is ideal for particular clients. But, if you have either a huge multi-market client and/or a modest media buying department, the services that these buying groups provide can be invaluable.

Benefits of newspaper buying services:
1. Saving time – and we all know time is money. With a newspaper buying service, a media buyer/planner only has one point of contact instead of a contact at every newspaper. They now have more time to spend on the strategy of the media plan…or with other clients, for shame.

2. Coordination of the details – These services not only will research and negotiate media, but will also provide circulation numbers, mechanical specs and space and material close dates.

3. Accounting savings – There is typically only one insertion order and therefore only one vendor invoice, saving time in accounting. And, in the end, there’s only one check to mail out.

4. Proof of performance – The newspaper buying service also tracks all the proof of performance so no more tracking down tear sheets or going at a six-foot pile of newspapers with scissors and a dream.

5. One point of contact – With a buying service, it’s easy to make last minute changes to the buys/plans. Usually, it is one phone call or email vs. one call or email per paper.

While utilizing newspaper buying networks may not be feasible for every client, it is an option to consider for clients with larger newspaper buys that are trying to target a number of markets and because of their buying power negotiated rates, it typically is not at any additional costs to your agency. Win. Win. Win.