The Future of Wearables Has Made Its Second Coming

The Second Wave of Wearables Is Happening Now

We’re experiencing something interesting within the wearable industry right now. It’s almost like a second wave of consumer interest with the release of devices like the Apple Watch 3 and Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.

Now, more than ever, wearables are making a comeback, and you’ll get no complaints from the consumer electronics industry. With that said, here are a few of our predictions for the future of wearables, and how it can affect everything from the way we consume to how we work, live and interact with others.

Healthcare Will See a Major Boom

Apple and third-party companies already have a slew of health-based apps available for use on their respective devices, which means terabytes of data are being sent to healthcare providers, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies regularly.

This trend is expected to continue with more connectivity options between patient and doctor, as well as more emphasis on monitoring other parts of the body both inside and out.

New Insights for Retailers

There’s going to be a major push towards creating a seamless, in-store shopping experience for customers. This could manifest itself in a couple different ways, including:

• Using GPS-based technology to pinpoint where someone is in the store, then serving him or her relevant coupons/discounts as they pass by certain displays or designated shelving units.
• Enhanced analytics tools that would let retailers know everything from how long someone spent looking at a specific item (via smart glasses), or how long someone spent walking around a specific display or store (via fitness trackers).
• More IoT integration between voice-activated devices at home and wearables (i.e. asking Alexa via a smartwatch if there are eggs in the smart fridge at home and letting you know via push notification).

What all this means for marketers is there’s going to be even more of a push for people who understand and can interpret enhanced data from wearables. Artificial intelligence is also a facet that many marketers and advertisers will need to familiarize themselves with.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

There’s a whole realm of possibilities that could come with the next generation of wearables, all of which will have significant impacts on how you market to your target audiences. Having a knowledgeable and forward-thinking agency on your side can help you navigate the ever-changing consumer electronics landscape.

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