Top Performing Email Marketers Focus On This First

Trying to decide how much emphasis to place on each stage of the email marketing process? Evok breaks down how much time top performing email marketers spend in each area compared to the rest of the crowd.

Campaign Strategy:
Average Marketers: 14%
Top Performing Marketers: 22%

Creative Concepts:
Average Marketers: 23%
Top Performing Marketers: 20%

Email Layout:
Average Marketers: 18%
Top Performing Marketers: 17%

Segmentation and List Targeting:
Average Marketers: 12%
Top Performing Marketers: 13%

Reporting and Analysis:
Average Marketers: 10%
Top Performing Marketers: 13%

Key Insight: The majority of marketers focus on creative concepts first and spend the most time in this area, however the best performing email marketers know that Strategy is the key to success and understand the value of this area in regards to it’s importance to the bottom line.

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