AAMP Global manufactures aftermarket technology for consumer and commercial vehicles and markets them under six different brand divisions. With a need to grow more customers organically, AAMP came to our agency to help manage four of their brands: iSimple, EchoMaster, Phoenix Gold and Stinger Electronics. Our team sought to increase the organic presence of each site with a blend of research, strategy and search engine optimization.


With a goal to increase organic search traffic, our team began writing six blogs every month for AAMP: two for iSimple, two for EchoMaster, one for Phoenix Gold and one for Stinger Electronics.

Before our copywriters began writing content, our SEO team dug into resources online and researched blog topics and keywords that would help AAMP’s website ranking on Google. To ensure their audiences were receptive and keywords were ranking well, our team monitored organic growth and site performance after each blog post. And with analytics and data driving our goals, our blogs with brand-centric keywords started converting site visitors to buyers.



• New users increased by 4% YOY
• Sessions increased 6.5% YOY
• Increased reach by 53%
• Increased ranking keywords by 53%
• Increase traffic rank by 23%
• Increased branded traffic by 14%
• Increased unbranded traffic by 36%


• New users increased by 206% YOY
• Sessions increased by 192% YOY
• Increased reach by 17%
• Increased ranking keywords by 68%
• Increase traffic rank by 72%
• Increased branded traffic by 9%
• Increased unbranded traffic by 61.5%

Phoenix Gold

• Sessions was increased by 4.5% YOY
• Increased reach by 16%
• Increased ranking keywords by 26.5%
• Increase traffic rank by 6%
• Increased branded traffic by 23%

Stinger Electronics

• New users was increased by 19% YOY
• Sessions was increased by 27% YOY
• Increased reach by 31.6%
• Increased ranking keywords by 43.4%
• Increase traffic rank by 18%
• Increased branded traffic by 8%
• Increased unbranded traffic by 20%


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