Agency Versus In-House: Who Should Manage Your Brand’s Social Media?

Currently, there are 3.96 billion people actively using social media worldwide, so it makes sense for companies of all sizes to utilize these platforms. But the question is, who should manage your social media accounts? Well, the answer varies, and it’s not a one size fits all situation. It’s the difference between finding an external team versus hiring a social media manager in-house based on your specific needs.   

Benefits of Hiring an Agency for Social Media Management

When you hire an agency, you’re not just getting one expert. You’re getting an integrated, full-service agency of experts – made up of social media, SEO, design, media planning, pay-per-click, creative, and website specialists.

Key differences and advantages:

  • Industry Insights
  • Specialization and Experience
  • Diverse Skills
  • Results-Driven
  • An External Set of Eyes

Instead of hiring one in-house person, you’re hiring an outside team. However, there is a learning curve when hiring an agency, and you have to catch them up on the internal workings of your brand. Still, if you invest the time into keeping them in the loop through good communication, you’re ultimately getting industry experts as an extension to your existing team.

Something else to consider, agencies typically have areas and industries that they specialize in. For instance, at evok, we specialize in healthcare, travel, tourism and entertainment, restaurants, consumer packaged goods, and credit unions. So, our team has the industry experience to help navigate your brand, especially in those sectors.

You also don’t have to worry about internal turnover, the cost of recruitment, and benefits. When hiring an outside agency, it is their job to fill your brand’s needs and scope of work. If someone leaves, the responsibility of finding a replacement and the cost of training and onboarding is on the agency.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most agencies have already invested in software from content calendar management tools to social listening platforms and reporting tools. This not only saves the agency time and money, but also your company. If an agency doesn’t deliver and utilize their tools and resources, they know that their client will want an explanation and that they’ll be held accountable.

Choosing In-House for Social Media Management

What if you don’t have the budget or time to work with an agency? There are pros to hiring in-house if you’re a small company or just getting started.

Key differences and advantages:

  • Accessibility
  • Focus 
  • Brand Familiarity
  • Flexibility

One of the main benefits to hiring someone in-house is that they’re on the ground and only focused on your brand. An in-house social media team is at the office and see the day-to-day activities that can then translate into the brand’s social media. With an agency, unless you’re able to give the team a heads up and have them come to your office or event, they rely on someone from your team to send them images and the content to then share on social media.

Agencies will more than likely have multiple clients that they work with, but while they’re not focused on your brand 24/7, they do have dedicated employees on your account.

According to the Content Factory, hiring an experienced social media manager can cost anywhere from $50k to $70k per year. Keep in mind that agencies are usually more flexible depending on your current and future needs, as well as what you’re expecting for services. If you only need an agency for community management and brand reputation, their fee may vary compared to the cost of a paid social campaign or managing a monthly content calendar.

Go Hybrid for Social Media Management

There is a third option, a mix of agency and in-house. If you have or are thinking about hiring an in-house specialist, an agency can work with them to expand their knowledge and skill set. That way, you have someone internal, solely focused on your brand, plus an army of industry experts for them to lean into and learn from.

According to 2020 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, 37% of marketers at small companies (1-99 employees) outsource marketing work, while 56% of medium-sized companies (100-999 employees) outsource some marketing tasks, and 71% of large companies (1,000+) outsource marketing work.

Social media is much more than just tweeting about your company’s services or sharing a picture of your team on Instagram. A high-level strategy and industry knowledge comes from a social media team that integrates into a company’s overall marketing plan. If you’ve already accepted that you need social media help but still aren’t sure if you should hire an agency or someone in-house, consider the following:

  • Company Size
  • Budget
  • Industry
  • Services Needed
  • Short- and Long-Term Marketing Goals

Interested in learning if hiring an agency is right for your brand? Let our team walk you through the benefits.