Our team set a goal to create an authentic, consistent voice across all Ocala/Marion County marketing efforts that would appeal to the destination’s most relevant audiences. In hopes of increasing visitation and revenue, our efforts included an integrated website user experience that positioned the County as a unique Florida destination. In addition, we aimed to increase online brand recognition by establishing an online brand culture through public relations and social media marketing.


To create a cohesive brand identity, we created a logo and tagline, and developed a “color bar,” with each color representing one of the five cities or townships that make up Marion County.

We also redesigned the County’s website,, to include a fully responsive, dynamic theme that focused on user experience. We incorporated an integrated Itinerary Builder that allowed visitors to plan out their ideal visit to the County, leveraging predictive modeling technology to suggest activities in the region based on their online behavior and interests.

As the destination’s agency of record, we were also asked to manage public relations and social media efforts to maintain a consistent, engaging brand voice across all platforms. Brand content highlighted the unique locations, activities, sights and events of Marion County to entice users to plan their visit.

Ensuring the destination reached potential visitors, we launched the “Do You Love…” campaign across multiple channels, including out-of-home advertising, print and digital banner ads. With the inclusion of virtual reality technology in our print ads, we were able to virtually transport our targets to the destination and showcase its exciting and diverse appeal.



increase in occupancy rates

$30.83 to $68.08

growth in RevPAR in the region


increase in Facebook likes


increase in Ocala/Marion County visitation, outpacing the state of Florida


increase in organic impressions

11.6 Million

increase in organic impressions


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