St. Cloud Project Spotlight


Located just south of Orlando, the City of St. Cloud engaged the evok team to develop a stand-out brand identity uniquely representative of their Florida hometown feel. With a diverse population, longstanding roots in the military community and boundless potential for growth on both residential and commercial fronts, the task at hand was to create a “do it all” brand that not only reinforced St. Cloud’s best assets but also introduced it to a new market.

Following extensive community forums, meetings with residents and local business owners, and on-site exploration, we uncovered deep findings about St. Cloud. These insights included a desire to uphold the city’s small-town roots and tight-knit community — a great place to raise a family — while still inviting expansion to bring in businesses and amenities. With these findings as a guide, our team got to work.

The City of St. Cloud’s logo was developed to represent the community by incorporating elements of its natural surroundings and celebrated history. From the colors to the relaxed script font, this logo encompasses the essence of St. Cloud. Additionally, our team coined a “mosaic” approach to the city’s branding, allowing both the logo and tagline to be customized depending on application.

The “mosaic” branding style designed for St. Cloud allows the City to customize the logo depending on each application by changing out the tiles used. The primary brandmark with the wave, sandhill crane and military stripes tiles lives on all-encompassing pieces, such as destination ads and as the logo on websites, stationery, etc. For special applications, such as department-specific pieces, the tiles can be changed out to better represent the subject matter.

The City of St. Cloud tagline was also developed using the “mosaic” branding approach. As with the primary logo, the overarching tagline of “Your Centerplace for Life” is used on all-encompassing pieces. For special applications, such as promoting specific activities, the tagline can be tailored by switching out the last word to an approved variation, such as “Your Centerplace for Business” and “Your Centerplace for Recreation.”

Armed with an updated identity, the evok team assisted in a widespread rollout of the St. Cloud branding — from street signage and marketing materials, to developing an in-depth brand standards guide to help inform future pieces.


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