How to Promote Your New Healthcare App

4 Quick Tips to Get Users to Download Your Healthcare App

Just like you treat your patients with great care, your plan to launch your brand new healthcare app should be given the same attention.

While creating your mobile app from the ground up was a daunting task, advertising and marketing is another hurdle to overcome. But, if you follow these four quick tips, you can do just that.

1. Evaluate the Competition

See who’s in the playing field. Check out their website and their app store page, see where they’re lacking and take note of what your app can bring to the table. Make sure you highlight and emphasize all these unique features within your copy.

2. Promote Your App

Reach out to healthcare blogs or websites who fall within your niche and give them the rundown of your new app. If they like what they see, ask them to write a blog post introducing it or feature it on their website.

You can also write up a press release and send it professionals in the field. Consider adding snapshots of the app, so readers can fully understand what it does and how it functions.

3. Create a Website and Video

Create a website to give people a place to go if they would like more information on your healthcare app. Within the website, think about creating separate tabs for each app feature to increase search engine optimization and also to better help visitors understand your app.

Some apps and platforms aren’t the easiest to explain in a few words. If your app is complex and hard to write about concisely, create a video for your site that explains the app, its features and purpose in layman’s terms—healthcare industry jargon might further confuse readers.

4. Optimize It in the App Store

The final and most important tip, app store optimization (ASO). You may not know, but optimization isn’t just for webpages but also for app stores. Similar to optimizing a webpage, make sure you maximize your keywords in the app name and create a compelling description that focuses on keywords thematically.

Also, think about your app icon. Users scroll through endless lists of apps and your icon is their first visual impression. Make it stand out and be eye catching.

Although advertising and marketing your healthcare app isn’t a walk in the park, these tips and tricks help make it a little breezier.