21 Rules of Content Marketing

Sourced from Randy Milanovic at http://www.kayakonlinemarketing.com/publications/

  1. Treat Keywords Like Hot Sauce
  2. Have a Voice (or Brand) Customers Can Identify With
  3. Build Trust With Transparency
  4. Make the Most of a Great Idea With Multiple Formats
  5. Headlines Are Everything
  6. Use The News
  7. You Can’t Stock The Cupboards Until You Take Out The Trash
  8. Don’t Just Post…Engage!
  9. Invite Yourself to Someone Else’s Party Once in a While
  10. Remember that Great Content Invites Links
  11. Build Your Content From an Ongoing Plan
  12. The Best Inspiration Comes from Several Different Sources
  13. Quality is as Important as Quantity
  14. Quantity Still Matters
  15. Take Your Time
  16. Stop Buying Content from the Bargain Bin
  17. Know Your Biggest Content Marketing Enemy
  18. Use One Piece of Content to Promote Another
  19. Recycle Your Greatest Hits
  20. Always Ask the Key Question About a Piece of Content
  21. Use Your Content to Turn Searchers, Readers and Fans into Buyers!