3 Credit Union Web Design Elements That Drive New Membership

You’ve heard it stated time and time again – first impressions are everything. Studies show that 90% of a consumer’s first impression of a brand is based on visual elements, and in the digital age, this certainly includes your credit union’s website. When evaluating the effectiveness of your credit union’s website there are several factors to keep in mind to make the best first impression for all users.


Your credit union’s website needs to be easy for users to navigate to encourage them to explore your site for more answers. The amount of time a user is willing to give your website in order to find the information they are seeking is surprisingly brief. In fact, 40% of users report that they will abandon a site that doesn’t load properly within 3 seconds. This figure showcases the importance of creating a site without functions that slow down the loading time of your page, like too many plugins to capture user information on a WordPress site, or large images and videos playing on the home page.

Successful sites that encourage new members’ interest are appealing to the eye, but even more importantly – are proactive in getting the most important information in front of a potential new member.

Mobile Optimization

While a slow-loading site is frustrating for consumers, a site that is not optimized for mobile usage is unacceptable in today’s tablet and mobile-first culture. At least 48% of consumers believe a company doesn’t care about obtaining their business when that business’s website is not mobile friendly.

The distrust that consumers experience from a poor mobile experience can potentially lead them to doubting the authenticity behind your brand’s overall messaging. To a consumer, your credit union is only as reliable as your digital reputation showcases.

Highlight Calls to Action

The final web design and development elements all credit unions must evaluate for success are the site’s calls to action. Based on your institution’s marketing plan, your website should have specific calls to action highlighted in an accessible and engaging manner for the interested user.

For example, your site can highlight e-newsletter sign ups in preparation for a strategic email marketing campaign push or offer a special discount on opening a new account when users book a consultation online. Whatever your financial institution’s unique goals may be, your calls to action should be clear and showcased on the forefront of your website to funnel visitors to the right place in a quick and efficient manner.

A great place to begin reassessing your credit union website is with a professional audit from a creative agency with proven financial institution work. This first step will most effectively assist credit union marketers in finding the right place to start. What are the strengths of your credit union’s website? Let’s discuss in the comments.