Real Time Marketing to Stand Out Among the Clutter

Be Prepared. Make sure that communication is streamlined and anticipate events before they occur.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race. Make sure to find the right opportunity to strike, not the just the first opportunity.

Use Customer Insight To Your Advantage. Gather and evaluate data, observe and monitor customer behavior inside and outside your own brand environment.

Dream Big. Don’t start unless you are thinking outside of the box.

Stick With What Works For You. Don’t lose sight of your goals and objectives. Stick with strategies that are tried and true. On the fly direction changes will cause you to fall off the podium.

Think 24/7, Not 9-5. Use your team effectively. Shift-based teams allow brands to always have one eye on the gold.

Entertain, Don’t Interrupt. When will your audience receive your message? What sort of mood will they be in? It’s always better to target people when they’re bored than to interrupt them.

Don’t Be Real-Time For No Reason. Make sure that you are actually adding value to the conversation through media such as humor, conversation or debate.

Quote of the Day: “We are, as a species, addicted to stories. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” – Jonathan Gottschall

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