The Foolproof Content Marketing Plan for Home Builders

If you’re lacking a solid content marketing plan, creating one from scratch can feel even more difficult than building a house with your bare hands.

Whether you’re the one responsible for keeping up with your home building company’s content or not, keeping your online presence filled with pertinent and useful information is very important.

So, to help you on the path toward creating consistent, engaging and topical content to help potential home buyers and sellers get the most out of your website, here are a few tactics to consider

Know Your Audience

As mentioned before, whether it’s buyers or sellers, getting a good breakdown of your core audience will let you know exactly what kind of content you need to be serving. This information can usually be surmised from client databases, but if you’re not sure about your target demographics, you can also create personas that help you hone in on the kind of audiences you assume you’re servicing.

If you lean more towards buyers or sellers, know that there are certain terms and topics you should be avoiding when creating your content. For example, you don’t want to run the risk of creating four-video series on the best ways to invest in a second home when the majority of your clients are first-time homebuyers.

Be Topical

Going deeper into the idea of staying relevant, being topical is a great way to build credibility and strengthen brand recognition, especially if you’re a small business that operates locally. Providing content on how to prep a home for hurricane season will go much farther if your reach is in a hurricane-prone area than if you’re based in Tornado Alley.

Take some time and familiarize yourself with the kinds of hazards, weather conditions and obstacles that a homebuyer or seller may be most likely to face in your area of service. After that’s established, you can then tailor your content to incorporate both the environment in question and the services you provide as a homebuilder.

Provide Multiple Perspectives

If you’ve ever kept up with a blog or website that has the same author for every piece published, you’ll start to notice patterns in the way they write, the topics they prefer writing about and their overall voice. This tends to get stale and repetitive over time. That’s why it’s always good to add additional voices and expert opinions to the mix. It keeps things fresh while helping your brand appeal to different people within the same audience. There may even be a time when an industry expert outside your company contributes to content if you ever find yourself low on people willing to write internally.

Perfecting Your Web Presence

Timeliness, consistency and relevance online all play important roles in the overall success of your brand as a home builder. Starting a sturdy foundation now to house future content can help ensure potential audiences get the information they need when they need it, the more likely you are to increase engagement, build credibility, and eventually drive more sales to your business. It’s as simple as that.

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