Retargeting for Home Builders: How to Generate Online Leads

Keep Your Home Building Business Top-of-Mind with Potential Clients

From talking it over with a significant other to running budget numbers to ensure a good fit, making a decision on big-ticket items, like a new home or remodeling project, takes time. During this decision-making period, you could just sit back and wait for that potential client to come back, or you can take action with a retargeting ad campaign.

How Retargeting Works

Have you ever visited a website only to continue seeing ads for that product or service long after you’ve clicked out of their page? Retargeting offers an opportunity for home builders to re-engage with potential leads by delivering your message to people you already know are receptive to it.

Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes of a retargeted ad campaign:

When users visit a particular page on your website, their browser is tagged with a “pixel,” made up of a few lines of JavaScript. Alternatively, retargeting campaigns can also be launched using pre-built lists, such as your client database or potential clients who signed up for more information on your services.

As these users go on about their online activities, ad platforms, like AdWords and Facebook, will serve them ads based on their history with your company, re-exposing them to your brand and message to keep your business in their minds during their decision-making process.

How Home Builders Can Leverage Retargeting to Generate Leads

Learning the strategy and theory behind retargeting is one thing. Putting those findings into action is another, much more involved practice. To get a better idea of what a retargeted ad campaign might look like for a home builder, here’s step-by-step breakdown of what you need to know to generate online leads.

Determine Your Leads’ Interests

Knowing what your potential clients are looking for gives your company a straight shot to the closing table. If someone visits the remodeling service page on your website or enters their information on a contact form associated with a particular housing development, they are no longer a mystery lead—you now know what they are interested in.

With this information, you can retarget those leads with ads specifically related to their interests that link back to your website, for example a banner that promotes your remodeling services or a Facebook ad featuring the housing community they were looking into.

Direct Leads to a Relevant Landing Page

Retargeted ads have a 10 times higher click-through rate than other types of display ads. With clicks to your ads’ landing pages much more likely to happen, the question shifts from how to get consumers back on your website to where to lead them.

One thing is certain, your retargeted ads should not be linking visitors back to your site’s homepage. Instead, create custom landing pages that relate to that particular ad campaign. If you’re retargeting potential homebuyers for your new community, take them to a landing page that talks specifically about that location.

Give a Clear Call to Action

By now, potential leads have seen your company’s message multiple times. Once you’ve got them on your landing page, it’s time to make them an offer they won’t want to refuse. From a free neighborhood guide for the area they’re researching to booking a complimentary consultation with one of your custom home experts, you’ll want your call to action to be clear, concise and of value to your prospective clients.

When a person visits your site or contacts your sales team directly, they may be interested in working with you but not quite ready to pull the trigger on your services. Retargeted ad campaigns keep your business from fading into the background while your potential clients are weighing their options. We can help you get started.