Make Your Website Sticky

Your website may get plenty of hits, but do visitors stay long enough to absorb your company’s message before clicking to the next destination in the World Wide Web? Here’s how to increase its “sticky” power:

Make the Home Page Pop
Animation and music provide a sense of arrival for visitors, and costs less than you think. But make sure the music protocol is high quality – a toy-like sound will definitely obliterate the cool factor.

Showcase a Featured Product
Like a good restaurant menu, your website should show a picture of what’s offered, accompanied by a mouth-watering description.

Spread the News
Announcements of new product lines, demo/show vehicles that use your products, sponsorships, partnerships, sales promotions and any other pertinent information will educate visitors about your company/brand while giving them a sense of involvement.

Feature a Photo Gallery
If you have a demo vehicle, attend shows, competitions, etc., bring a digital camera, click away and post the pics on the website. Business-to-business sites can post pictures of trade shows, company sponsored sales representative retreats, or any other subject that reinforces your company/brand image. Photos of bikini models are also reported to be popular.

Establish an Expert’s Corner
Does your company have a resident expert? Put that individual in charge of writing a regular column regarding some relevant topic or technology in your field. The website of our home theater cable client features a monthly column by the brand’s product manager. This column has been picked up and posted by other consumer electronics websites, greatly increasing the client’s visibility and further establishing the product manager as an industry expert.

Add a Video Clip or Live Cam
Budget permitting, either of these features can entice visitors to linger. Our automotive aftermarket installation school client will have a live camera at an installation bay so visitors to its new website can watch in real time as students perform audio/video installs.