Retargeting for Credit Unions: How to Keep Your Potential Members Engaged

Did you know that only 2 percent of visitors to most websites convert to a purchase of a product or service on the first visit? Whether they’re not yet ready to buy or enroll, or want to continue their search, the remaining 98% are bound to click away from your website, and we all know the old adage—“out of sight, out of mind.” But what if you could keep your institution’s messaging at the forefront of bounced traffic, serving up branded messaging appropriate to your audiences specific needs based on the things you already know they’re searching for?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, seeks out people that have already been actively searching for products or service lines like yours and shows them related ads. Say a potential member is searching for home loan options. Perhaps she visits your credit union’s website during her search, but moves on from it before filling out an application or contacting your representatives. The next day, she would be shown an ad for your credit union’s home loan rate offers, even while searching for unrelated content. With geotargeting, these ads can even be tailored to address her location and offers exclusively available in her area.

With that in mind, here are some ways your credit union can employ efficient retargeting strategies to achieve measurable results.

Keep It Relevant

Retargeting allows you to know exactly what your prospective members’ needs are, and the ways in which they think you can meet them. By determining what your potential members were searching for when they visited your website, you have the ability to tailor your retargeting ads to feature that product or service, making these touch points incredibly relevant and likely to engage your members.

Timeliness Is Key

Connect with your audience while they are actively searching for products or services like yours. Although the search process can be lengthy, keeping your institution top of mind with your potential members is key to a successful retargeting strategy. That being said, be sure to switch up creative and messaging in order to not fall prey to browser blindness and keep your prospects engaged with your promotions.

Cross-Promote with Finesse

Retargeting isn’t just useful for enrolling new members; it can also be utilized to promote additional services or products to your existing member base. From cross-promoting auto loan specials to existing checking account holders, to advertising insurance options to home loan holders, retargeting can help you tap into a customer base you already posses and build loyalty amongst your existing members.

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