Social Media Myths and Strategy

Each month, an evoker creates and leads a Lunch ‘n’ Learn session to share insights on their field of expertise. This month, our social media gurus, Meagan and Valentina, break down social media myths, talk about the importance of strategy and let us know insider tips on sharing great content.

Meagan and Valentina spoke about the basics of social media, how brands can measure ROI through organic and paid tactics, common social media misconceptions, the role social plays in added SEO value, and more!

Here’s what was discussed:

  • The basics of social media – what it is and why it’s important for your brand
  • The social media landscape
  • How to create a successful piece of content
  • The necessity of a content strategy plan and what it entails
  • Organic and paid social media advertising tactics
  • How digital media is being consumed
  • The importance of optimizing content for mobile users
  • How to measure ROI through social media
  • The role social media plays in added SEO value
  • Common social media myths and misconceptions

Full Social Media Presentation Slideshow: