Are These 3 Things Missing from Your Tech Startup’s Marketing?

3 Must-Haves to Market a Tech Startup

Whether your tech startup has found a home in Silicon Valley or is still making it work from mom’s garage, a sound marketing plan can help get your name in front of the right people. But don’t call your strategy complete without checking off these must-haves. Keep reading to find out three key elements of a marketing plan for tech startups.

An Authentic, Engaging Story

Remember why you started. What made you put in the hours to create a product you are not only proud of, but solves a problem for your ideal customer? Startups are born out of passion and a vision to shake things up or to stray from the norm. So, when it comes time to share what you’ve worked so hard for, be sure you’re also sharing the why behind it, too.

Your story—why and how you do what you do—can be a central element to every piece in your marketing arsenal. No two brand stories are the same, so how you got where you are today is inherently unique to your brand. From your website content to your social media interactions, infusing that story into everything you share helps you stand out from the pack.

A Focus on the Present with an Eye on the Future

This one should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyways. Market the product your customers would receive if they bought from you today. At the speed the technology industry moves, it makes sense that the latest and greatest is only the latest for a day or two, max. Tech startups are under the gun to constantly innovate and upgrade—staying competitive means staying on the cusp of new technology. But don’t trade tomorrow for today.

Your customers want transparency. Selling users on features that won’t be rolled out for months is the polar opposite of that. That’s not to say you can’t allude to future developments at all, but be careful what you promote—don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Consider Apple—the tech mammoth is tight-lipped when it comes to their products’ next developments. And if there’s a brand today’s startups can feel confident looking up to in their marketing, it’s this tech revolutionary.

A Deep Understanding of Your Ideal User

We’ll keep saying it until we’re blue in the face—knowing your audience is the single most important part of any marketing plan. Without a crystal clear picture of who your product offers the most value to, you not only risk communications that fall flat but also wasted ad spend.

Have you created buyer personas? Do you know who your users turn to for insights on your industry or product categories? Digging into your audience’s behavior, expectations, wants and needs means having the information to appeal to those patterns.

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