7 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Essential for Your Brand

Do you think you see more static images or video from a brand online? If your brand is not using video in some form of your marketing mix, you’re in the minority. According to a report by Cisco, online video will be responsible for 80 percent of all global Internet traffic by 2019. And for the United States alone, video content jumps to 85 percent for Internet activity. Now is the time to get on video, if you haven’t already, or strengthen video for you brand. With technological advancements and more tools available to create video content, it’s cheaper and easier than ever to engage consumers through bite-sized clips.

Here are our top seven reasons on why every brand, including yours, should be using video:

1. Video Creates Higher Engagement

Consumers have shorter attention spans than ever before, so brands should be mindful of how they are engaging their audiences. Keep it simple, quick and to the point. Tasty is the most watched video publisher on Facebook and boasts over 48 million likes and counting for its visually appealing step-by-step approach to cooking. Video content beats out its text-based counterparts in both attention and engagement ratings. More than 500 years worth of YouTube videos are watched daily on Facebook. By choosing a medium that’s easy to digest and can auto-play while users scroll, you’ll see more eyes on your prized content.

2. Video Supports Other Mediums

Your videos don’t always have to be the star of the show. Videos can be used to enhance other content assets, such as your e-newsletter or website. Adding video to an email increases click-through rates by 96 percent and open rates by up to 5.6 percent.

3. Video Increases Conversion Rates

Overwhelmingly, consumers are using video to help make purchasing decisions. Businesses have reported an 80 percent increase in conversions when video is added to a landing page. In addition, 34 percent of shoppers claim they are more likely to purchase a product after viewing an online video, and 48 percent say they trust online video ads.

4. Video Has Better Analytics

There are no doubts about how ROI is performing with video. Hosting sites such as YouTube make extensive viewer data available right at your fingertips. In addition to demographics, you can see what viewers watched, if they watched more than once and if your video was skipped. When you know what works and what doesn’t, it’s a breeze to optimize content and accomplish your marketing goals.

5. Video Is Easily Searchable

Video is a key factor in algorithms for major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Close to 70 percent of the top 100 search listings on Google are video results. Adding a video to your website can increase the chance of getting on the front page of a search engine results page as much as 53 percent.

6. Video Allows For Storytelling

Videos tap into how we as humans naturally absorb information: visually.
According to the Social Science Research Network, the population of visual learners is 65 percent. When you entertain and amuse your consumers and not push your product so blatantly, they’ll be much more receptive to your message.

7. Video Is More Accessible Than Ever

Over the last couple of years, consumers have loosened their expectations on online video production quality. No one expects every video your brand puts out to be in 4K resolution. Comparatively less expensive equipment like an iPhone can be used instead of a DSLR for videos for your brand. You can experiment with video results yourself before diving into it headfirst.

Get On The Bandwagon

If you aren’t using video, chances are, you are already falling behind your competitors. In 2015, more than 71 percent of business said they planned to increase their video marketing budget in 2016. The growth of video consumption on the Internet shows no signs of slowing down, so hop onboard, and give your consumers the content they really want.

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