How to Win Your Consumers in Micro-Moments

Is there any device more ubiquitous or important to marketers as the smartphone? In nearly every person’s pocket is a smartphone, which, at any time and in any place, can be used to research and purchase anything. Consumers are using that to their advantage: 82 percent of smartphone users rely on their phone to make an in-store purchase decision. A staggering 90 percent of smartphone users have used their smartphone to work toward a long-term goal or multi-step process while on the go.

These touch points on mobile devices that greatly influence consumer spending have brands going head-to-head. Known as micro-moments, it’s during this time that potential customers look to their mobile devices to make a purchase decision and reward the most helpful brand with their business. For your brand, you’ll need to learn how to make the most of micro-moments to make a lasting impression. Here are four steps you can take to be there when your consumers are actively searching so you can master micro-moments.

Prioritize Your Micro-Moments

First, figure out which moments make the most sense for your brand to produce content to help your customer. Choose micro-moments in your customer’s journey then evaluate how to make your message clear and succinct. For any possible customer’s journey, there’s the initial information-getting stage, used to be more helpful than sales-driven. Depending on your product, there can be a micro-moment to demonstrate its use in how-to videos. The last micro-moment happens with the intent to buy, whether from home, in an app, in-store or on the phone. There are many opportunities for you to be where your customer is on their smartphone: it’s up to you to choose a micro-moment and own it.

Think Like Your Customer

For each micro-moment you selected, picture yourself as the customer. Ask yourself what features would make this moment easier for you or what content would make the process go more smoothly and help you make a decision. Picture yourself in store doing research before buying a certain product on your phone. Thinking like your audience is a sure-fire way to tailor your content for an actual buyer in the decision-making process.

Create Well-Designed Content

Once you’ve identified which moments you want to be present in and how you’ll be accessible to your customers, the next step is to develop creative content to make a lasting, positive impression. Micro-moments are gone in a blip, especially on mobile screens, but the accumulation of many micro-moments on a smartphone before buying a product can effectively lead to a purchase from your brand. Deliver highly personalized, easy to navigate and read content to your potential buyer and you may be rewarded with their business down the road.

Measure Impact and Act Fast

Because consumer spending habits and exactly how consumers are using smartphones for purchases are changing all the time, you must act fast. This means cutting down on micro-moments or experiences that don’t seem to be working and fueling the ones that are. Analyzing your metrics will help you make better marketing decisions that will lead to success in your campaign.

Micro-moments, when clearly articulated and fulfill a need for a researching consumer, can build to a successful purchase in the future. Although mobile is always with your consumer, remember that you don’t have desktop and mobile consumers: you have consumers that use multiple platforms. You can connect effectively with your audience across any device with these tips to improve their buying experience and chances for them to buy your product.

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