Digital Trends Credit Unions Should Embrace

Managing finances as an individual is no easy task, especially in a changing economy with more fast-paced lifestyles than ever. How is a small credit union going to navigate these waters? With solid targeted marketing and strategy behind user-friendly online and mobile applications, land is on the horizon.

Different Digital for Different Folks

Closing the generational gap between native and non-native digital users is as easy as using effective search engine marketing and strong social media content to drive different types of customers towards a bank. Using targeted marketing can help you reach a wide range of demographics more easily, including those concerned about savings, monitoring spending, managing debts, or keeping their money secure even in a virtual space.

Successfully targeting your campaigns with personalized content towards different consumers is as easy as understanding different spending styles. For non-native digital users and skeptics, emphasizing security and offering instant account protection or card cancelling with one click, is a solid marketing strategy.

For native users and those looking to switch from big banks to a smaller credit union, offering quick onboarding through a new website or app can help an on-the-go type feel like they barely lifted a finger. If this sounds like a tall order for a small credit union, content marketing strategy can be a boon to fleshing-out social media pages, getting word of new features to current and past customers. Targeted marketing to past customers can be a huge benefit if the bank is adding a user-friendly app and can increase conversions.

Digital banking through a home browser is one of the easiest ways a customer can access their daily finances, and offering quick updates on account balances and activity via an easy user interface can make all the difference. A change of address, money transfers, and digital statements should all be easy to view and edit for a positive user experience. Personalized products with online capabilities like customizable font sizes for older customers, credit limits and savings goals set by the user can make a consumer feel positive about their finances and about the credit union as a whole.

An App for the Bottom Line

For on-the-go lifestyles, launching a mobile app with a mobile social media campaign can back up a credit union’s dedication to creating less of an emphasis on the product, and more on the user experience. Integrating a mobile app strategy can allow feedback from customers, and minimize paperwork and management of accounts, increasing a credit union’s overall profits. A mobile app can open the door to some recent trends in peer-to-peer payments and transfers between friends and family, and can allow customers to save time instead of visiting a branch or digging through paperwork. Updates to available funds in real time can help users manage their money better, and so can advice pop-ups and links to visit support pages or call a location for customer service backup.
Digital trends in app marketing, content marketing, and solid strategy behind effective branding and tools that meet your customers’ needs – these solutions are all you need to maintain members’ happiness and engagement.

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