Using Emotional Storytelling to Market Your Credit Union

Emotion motivates and inspires people to make decisions and take action. As human beings, we tend to make decisions based on emotion and then justify that decision with reasoning we find or create after the fact. This is crucial information to consider when crafting messages designed to drive potential members to make a desired decision. For example, a young entrepreneur who feels that they are already taking a significant risk may be searching for a sense of security. After watching a commercial produced by your credit union, assuring viewers that your company is full of financial experts looking to take care of their needs, that young entrepreneur may very well be driven to reach out to your credit union for financial peace of mind.

However, as media consumption habits change in an increasingly cluttered landscape, those commercials with standard music and imagery to communicate your brand may go unnoticed. Contemporary trends in emotional storytelling focus more on digital content and strategies. Storytelling is of the utmost importance for all forms of media as it paints a picture for the consumer. When your message falls flat, so does engagement, shares on Facebook, YouTube impressions or other metrics we seek in the digital age. When we think about the content shared frequently in our Facebook newsfeeds and discussed by our friends, most of these evoke an emotion – happiness, concern, amusement, laughter or tears.

With that being said, adults 18 to 24 account for only 9% of credit union membership. This presents credit unions with an excellent opportunity to bolster membership growth rates by capitalizing on an essentially untapped market. In order to reach this elusive demographic, you’re going to have to go digital.

3 Online Trends in Emotional Storytelling:

  • Content
    • Get your message in front of the right audience. Fifty-six percent of 18 to 24 year olds say their main source of news is the web, according to the Reuters Institute Digital Report. The Internet is where members will continue to turn for information and answers.
    • Now more than ever, members demand transparency and accountability from companies they choose to support. They’re going to research what you’re all about, so make sure that your credit union offers a message they can emotionally connect with. Make sure your story is share-worthy by giving your audience a reason to connect with you on a real, human level. Offering this element will give your brand a personality and show a face behind the logo.
  • Mobile Video
    • According to Ad-ology AudienceSCANs, 37% of consumer media takes place on mobile devices, and this figure is only expected to increase. 53% percent of credit union members love technology and over 24% admit to always being in a hurry. The amount of tech loving, mobile first consumers continue to grow and it is imperative to reach them on the go or get left in the crowd.
    • When using mobile video as a marketing tool, your credit union will need to establish the emotional connection quickly and with impact, then follow up with a reinforcing message in order to make the most of your time.
    • Produce mobile video content quickly to ensure that your credit union stays as relevant as possible. As technology continues to give users increased speed and accessibility with the most up to date information, the demand for immediate content surrounding the day’s hottest topics is vital.
  • Social Media
    • Continue to incorporate emotional touch points within your social media messaging. Not all of your content should aim to drive traffic to your website/store/etc. Through social media, take the time to get to know your audience, and let them get to know what’s at the heart of your brand. If you connect with them on a personal level, they’re more likely to become brand loyalists.